Become a sponsor!

Become a sponsor

You can become a sponsor of our projects and it is very easy to do! To thank you for your good work, you will get the sympathy of people who donate their “Likes” for you and for needy child, whom you support. You transfer the money for treatment of Needy Child on such exchange rate: 1 your “Like” = $0.10.

So, to become a partner in the project, you need:

  1. Send a request for sponsorship using the form, which you will find below;
  2. Choose person for whom you want help from our database;
  3. Determine the budget that you are willing to contribute to the aid;
  4. Determine the start date of the project;
  5. Send us a link to your profile in the Facebook social network;
  6. Send us a banner ad for publication on the website of the project, according to the specifications, which we’ll let you know. Additionally specify: where banner’s active link should redirect web-site user (to your website and /or to your page in the Facebook social network), if user clicks on the banner.
  7. Pay a small fee to the organizers of project, for sustaining the project and its development;
  8. After completion of the project: to transfer the accumulated amount that corresponds to the number of “likes”, to the Fund’s account, which is associated with needy person, whom you chose(or directly to the account of needy person).

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