About project

The aim of the project “Just Like It” – to draw public attention to such a significant subject, as an aid to the needy and make this project popular.

What prevents people from doing good?

Here are the main factors affecting the sluggish activity of charitable and nonprofit organizations:

  • People have lack of financial ability to assist. It is “difficult or impossible”.
  • Distrust and disbelief in the honesty of charitable and non-profit organizations. They are “questionable and not clear”.
  • Lack of time and inconvenience of material assistance . It is “difficult and uncomfortable”

We found a solution to this difficult issue – the project “Just Like It” gives you an opportunity to do goodness every day, without much effort, and without spending a single cent of your personal funds.
All you need – to have wish to help!

How does project Justlikeit.org work?

We work with proven and reliable charities and nonprofit organizations, which transmit information to us about the people who need help. You can find the photo and personal details of a needy child, as well as information about the necessary amount for his treatment, and fundraising expiration on the project’s website justlikeit.org. Next to child’s details, you’ll see sponsor’s information (banner). That sponsor wishes to help the child. Below this block, you will find “Like” button of Facebook social network. You click on “like”, and sponsor converts your “like” into real money and transfer it for needy child. Sponsor transfer $0.10 per each your “like” for child. All proceeded money are transferred to the account of needy child. Website will be developed due to additional funds donated by sponsors.

The only thing that can stop you doing goodness – is the lack of internet or reluctance to help. The rest is in your hands and in your heart.

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